Studio 395 Window Art Walk


     Native Californian, performing artist and teacher, Dru enjoyed 25 years of teaching dance and performing arts to students ranging from college-age to 2 year olds in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Oklahoma City in 1994. At her daughter’s costume fitting for Ballet Oklahoma’s Nutcracker, she entered the world of professional ballet with five small words “Do you need any help?”

     While Ballet Oklahoma’s Costume Shop was a delight for any costume lover’s eyes, the space was cluttered with scrapes of material, thread, feathers, trim, and leftovers from the previous day’s volunteer’s lunches spilling over the trash cans. Those five small words, “Do you need any help?” lead to five seasons with Ballet Oklahoma as a costume assistant and seamstress.

     Ballet Oklahoma was the resident ballet company at Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall and one day Dru was approached by one of the theater’s stagehands and asked, “Do you want to do Broadway?” “Broadway?” she replied emphatically, “Well YES!” That answer lead to 11 years with IATSE Local 112 supervising the local wardrobe crew for 30+ Broadway musical touring company productions including Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Wicked, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

     Now back home in California, Dru joined STUDIO 395 as a Facilities Manager for the Lakeland Village Community Center. Dru’s love for the art of costuming led her to contribute to STUDIO 395’s Dia de Los Muertos celebrations with her designs of The Posada based on Diego Rivera’s Catrina in Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Alameda Park and an original Catrina Monarch Migration. Dru’s Christmas Lady was inspired by Rebecca Esquibel, STUDIO 395 CEO, who loves to challenge artists.

     Dru assisted the amazing STUDIO 395 team of artists with the interactive sci-fi Galactic Embassy project this summer here at The Outlets and helped design the Haunted Embassy on Halloween. She looks forward to designing more art experiences for our Lake Elsinore community like this Window Art Walk to highlight our local talent.

     “Do you need any help?” If you have any ideas for special events and/or want to hire local artists for art projects, please contact Dru at


     She was born in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in the beautiful evergreen state of Washington. Sonia moved to Wildomar, California in 2021 and joined her local artist family at STUDIO 395.

     She has enjoyed sharing her Mexican culture and the history of the Dia De Los Muertos over 15 years of altar creations and makeup, headpieces, face painting, body painting and wardrobe for events. She is a licensed cosmetologist and master makeup artist published in print and film credits.

     Her contributions to this project include a traditional altar set up, costume and headpieces.

     Sprinkles can be reached at or follow her on Snapchat at Sprinkles253 or on IG @Sprinkles_253.


     The Painted Coyote is an artist located in Lake Elsinore, CA. Born in Long Beach, CA but raised on the East Coast where she was introduced at an early age to the arts through public school programs. Encouraged and influenced by passionate art teachers, The Painted Coyote began to work with all types of art mediums never putting up boundaries to what can be accomplished with paints, colored pencils, spray cans, pen & ink, and charcoal. This was never truer once the artist relocated back to the West Coast where she immediately began to accept jobs painting murals and backdrops.

     The Painted Coyote also enjoyed taking part in community art walks all over Southern California, including the Downtown Riverside art walk and the Lake Elsinore Busking program a few years back. This artist’s artwork caught the attention of STUDIO 395 and was asked to join in on many projects including the wall mural on Collier where her cranes are part of a city-wide project as well as the interactive gallery in the Lake Elsinore Outlets, just to name a few.

     Shila provided original paintings and resin pieces to this project as well as the poppy mural in the LIVE 395 location. You can check out more art on Instagram @thepaintedcoyote and


     "I am not an artist," is a famous quote of the CEO of artist cooperative, STUDIO 395.

     Rebecca had worked for 30 years in the insurance industry and then, with her husband, opened Lake Elsinore’s only winery in 2013. That was the same year she started joining in on STUDIO 395 events, particularly the Dia De Los Muertos Celebration. She began working on grant writing for and administrative structure of the organization. She and Grace Sandlin, founder of STUDIO 395, began a symbiotic partnership that led to lots of projects, programming, events, and continued with a contracted relationship with the County of Riverside to operate the Lakeland Village Community Center in 2017. In 2019, they took on space at the Outlets at Lake Elsinore to work on immersive art experiences. With the loss of Grace in 2020, Rebecca has chosen to continue STUDIO 395 and since Grace was the groups’ primary artist and contact for other artists, Rebecca has had to fill in the gap (as best as she can). That has led to a recent effort on making and creating items for projects by herself and in support of other artists. She is thoroughly enjoying this foray into making/creating with all the other STUDIO 395 contributors.

     Rebecca has contributed to paper Mache figures, painted dresses and headpieces for the Dia De Los Muertos windows and assisted with background set up in the Day After Christmas window.

     Rebecca can be reached at or follow her on IG @ierebelreb. STUDIO 395 is always looking for artists and volunteers who want to collaborate on projects, programming and events that look to inspire locals to find the art that makes them happy…even if you are not an artist!


     A Pokémon trainer since 1993, Ricardo created Manga inspired art from the cartoon show to the Pokémon games. This window piece brings the first Pokémon game Gangar in the opening scene of Pokémon yellow and after 25 years, he wanted to bring Gangar, Hunter and Gasly to the Outlets at Lake Elsinore to wish Pokémon a Happy 25th anniversary!

     Ricardo loves doing art with Unmei his Husky who is his inspiration for his art and jewelry. His fabric painted piece with Unmei can be seen in another window and he assisted with managing this project as the Creative Director for STUDIO 395. You can follow Ricardo and Unmei on Instagram @unmeijewelery for more fun visual art candy!


     An artist from Lake Elsinore, he originally started making art at a young age, from drawing to sculpting up through high school. He even tried filmmaking, as many of his influences were filmmakers he grew up watching thinking, "Hey, I wanna try that." So he did, by making a couple of short films, whether it was with friends outside or miniatures indoors.

     He has since returned to art when he joined STUDIO 395 as a volunteer in 2019 and taught a class for a few months before being brought on to the newest project at the time, Galactic Embassy. He contributed a good portion to that project, from creating the majority of the creatures, the entire band, the music for said band, and even the logo for the project used in marketing. He has been contributing to all the projects that came after that.

     For the Window Art Work he’s been working on two window projects, one being a Robot Santa and one being most of the creatures he’s created for Galactic Embassy. He has done personal projects on the side from painting miniature sculptures to kit-bashing and as well as doing commissions.

     View Matthew’s personal projects at @jurassic_matthew or contact him at


     Jesse is an aspiring artist local to Lake Elsinore. While growing up he drew inspiration from the most influential and imaginative innovators known throughout history of time and space. As the years passed by, he perfected a style that is distinguishable from the infinite talents of other developing artists. With a devotion to the mystique, he continues to create a peculiar collection of paintings and productions that captivate the perplexity of this questionable reality.

     "Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth," Pablo Picasso.

     Current varieties of works include concepts, visions, and dreams of a unified community of people connected by hope, love and imagination.

     Jesse contributed to this project with original artwork, a Beatles tribute and a light box piece. You can reach Jesse on IG @jesse_schenck


     Janene has been affiliated with STUDIO 395 for 6 years and is currently working with them on a volunteer basis. She lives in Winchester, CA originally coming from her hometown of Anaheim, CA. She graduated from Loara High School where she was fortunate to have had electives that gave her an opportunity to learn and grow in the arts; she had classes in Auto Shop, Leather shop, Lost Wax Jewelry Design, Sculpture, Sewing and Life Drawing. The main ingredient to this was that the same instructor, Mr. Tracy, taught all these classes and inspired and allowed each student to think and feel without judgement. This freedom gave her confidence and a hunger to learn as much as she could. Once out of high school, she continued Jewelry Design classes at Mt. San Jacinto for 5 years.

     Because of her passion for art, she has worked in areas of her career that express that including a Jewelry company for 8 years doing jewelry and floor displays for Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, and Universal Studios. This led to additional work with the merchandising department of Knott’s Berry Farm doing window displays.

     She owned and directed a preschool in Lake Elsinore for 15 years and this is where she began to master the art of creative bulletin board displays. The 17 bulletin boards in the building always reflected a thematic scene that continuously changed. Although this was timely and costly, she would also find a way to help other schools in the area.

     Finding STUDIO 395 has taught her to explore with large-scale paper Mache, creating creatures out of thrift store Afghans, which she calls "afghanimals," and, generally, how to take trash and junk and create art. Janene sees art in EVERYTHING and says, "If it’s good for the soul, it’s good for me." Janene has contributed to this project with a large-scale acrylic paint pour and a whimsical scene of her “tubie” creations out in nature.

     Janene can be reached through STUDIO 395 at


     Poppie and Pine started from the love of growing up with an artistic mom and a dad who loved being in the outdoors. I was born in La Jolla, Ca. We lived in Pacific Beach in the mid 70's, an only child, where my mom would paint and take me to the beach a few blocks down on the back of her bike. My dad would plan trips for us to the beach one weekend, the dessert the next, or to the Sierras for fishing.

      In 1979 for my dad’s work, we moved to Temecula, Ca. At the time the freeway did not go through yet, Temecula was very small full of rolling hills and a few small wineries. Those hills where full of California poppies where I would run my dog. It was a place of quiet and country. No one really knew where Temecula was. All through school, I received art awards and summer scholarships from the Temecula Art League. My entire life has been filled with arts and crafts.

     When I became a mom, Art was something my son, daughter and I always did together. So much so I taught classes at my studio to their friends when they were growing up. My kids are grown but they have inherited the art bug as well. Having an empty nest and my kids thriving on their own, I wanted to get back to teaching and selling my art. So with a love of art and handcrafted things, came Poppie & Pine. A combination of the pines at the beach and in the mountains I love and the beautiful poppies.

     Contact: @poppieandpineart ~ ~ Website:


~ 2021 Window Art Walk Experience at the Outlets at Lake Elsinore ~